Friday, January 4, 2008

The Community Board Listens...New Meeting Scheduled for Jan 9!

The Fight Buster's Action Committee has been in talks with Julie Menin, the chairperson of Community Board #1 (CB). We have been informed that she has send a letter to the State Liquor Authority to request postponement of the liquor permit decision on 25 N Moore until after the CB can reconsider the matter on January 15. This is a major victory for us.

So we need you to show up in force at the next Tribeca Committee meeting to show that the community doesn't want Busters!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008
Tribeca Committee of Community Board #1
49-51 Chambers Street
Room 709

The CB Building has a metal detector and x-ray machine. Please arrive early and leave any bags at home to expedite the security process! Let's go Tribeca!


Anonymous said...

Bet if it was a Land Rover dealership moving in, you'd have no problems.

Fight Busters said...

A car dealership? That makes as much sense as a bar, but at least a car dealership isn't serving alcohol at 2am in the morning.

You're obviously missing the point of our argument, and using stereotypes to defend a weak position.