Monday, December 31, 2007

Write to the State Liquor Authority Chairman

The State Liquor Authority (SLA) takes community opposition seriously. Fight the cause by writing to the commissioner and leaving a copy of your letter with the doorman at 25 N Moore St. Sample letter below:


Chairman Daniel Boyle
New York State Liquor Authority
317 Lenox Avenue
New York, NY 10027

Dear Mr. Boyle:

I am writing to you as a concerned TriBeCa resident living near 25 N Moore St, the Atalanta building.. Recently it has been brought to my attention that 200 Water Group LLC., Inc has leased a space on the ground floor of the Atalanta, and has been given approval by Manhattan Community Board #1 to pursue a liquor license through the SLA.

Our major issue with the future occupant of this space is that this organization once brought to TriBeCa Buster’s Garage, a rowdy sports bar. For a number of years we personally witnessed excessive noise and drunken behavior (including urinating and vomiting on the street) not in keeping with the character of the neighborhood. This type of behavior caused Manhattan Community Board 1 to refuse to give Buster’s the right to transfer their liquor license to another location in the neighborhood. Based on the Community Board’s past judgment we are gravely concerned that the tenant’s current proposal is not an accurate representation of what will ultimately become part of our building.

The owner of the space has informed us that the tenant’s plan is not to recreate Buster’s but rather to bring to the neighborhood another “classy” family restaurant. However, based on the history of the tenant in the neighborhood, the desire to install multiple televisions and a satellite dish, the number of bar and high–top seating proposed, and wording in the lease to “close the windows after 11:00 P.M.” we strongly believe that this establishment is going to be a loud bar with the focus being more on the televisions and drinking than fine dining. Beyond that, word of mouth in the neighborhood is that there is a clone of Buster’s coming to the

As it stands now, there are already a number of drinking establishments within 500 feet of our building (e.g. Walker’s, The Brandy Library, Bubby’s, Bubble Lounge, Cercle Rouge, Tribeca Tavern, Anotheroom), and the last thing we need is to have an additional source of providing alcohol. Our building is inhabited by many young families and children, and we feel another establishment with a liquor license would adversely affect our quality–of–life.

Further, because of the building’s proximity to the NYPD First Precinct and Hook & Ladder 8, we’re concerned that an alteration in traffic patterns that was so evident at Buster’s Garage would have a profound effect on the ability for police and fire to protect our citizens.

We would like to stop this possible tenant from going forward with a liquor license and opening this type of establishment in our building. Any help or guidance you could provide would be greatly appreciated. As a building, we are prepared to voice our opinion in whatever forum you provide. If possible, I would appreciate your feedback on how we can further protest this situation moving ahead.

Thank you in advance for your assistance on this issue.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Fight Buster's Facts

Fact Sheet:
- 200 Water Group LLC (“200 Water”) the owner/operator of Buster’s Garage, has signed a 15-year lease in the retail space of 25 N Moore (The Atalanta) for the purposes of opening up a “family bistro.”
- The retail space was purchased from the building’s sponsor earlier this year by a 3rd party, Robert Golden of Golden Properties Group, LLC
- 200 Water is operated by Ross Provenzano, whose family owns the property on which the old Buster’s Garage sat
- The new establishment is unnamed as of this time, and is looking to open around March or April 2008.
- 200 Water received a unanimous recommendation for approval from Community Board #1 (CB1) in November, which is the first step in receiving their liquor license from the State Liquor Authority. No residents were aware of the vote, and therefore no one was there to oppose.
- CB1 previously denied transfer of their liquor license to a Franklin Street address after losing their West Broadway lease.
- 200 Water sought to have operating hours till 4am. CB1 denied the request and is allowing operations until midnight on weekdays and 2am on weekends.
- 200 Water has filed for their liquor license from the State Liquor Authority this week.
- Rusty Schultz, the General Manager of the space, claims that the goal is to provide “a family of four a good meal for under $100.”
- The establishment has a capacity of 98 people. In an architectural drawing that was presented to the Board, there were 30 bars seats and approximate 20 “high-top” seats at banquet tables. There were only 44 seats at “low” tables, most of which were depicted as “2-tops.”
- We have anecdotally have heard that 200 Water is planning on installing multiple televisions, with the largest one measuring 70”. They have also discussed installation of a satellite dish on our roof, which requires a board approval.