Thursday, January 10, 2008

Victory at the Tribeca Committee

Results of the Meeting of the Tribeca Committee of Community Board #1 held on January 9, 2008:

More than 70 members of the community attended the meeting. The Committee heard from the attorney for the applicant; the attorney for the community residents and from members of the community and asked questions of the various parties. Members of the Committee engaged in a discussion of the issues presented, namely the duplicity and deception of the applicant in submitting a different set of floor plans to the community board and then to the State Liquor Authority. After discussion, the Committee approved the following resolutions:

1. To reconsider and rescind its original vote not to oppose the liquor license of the 200 Water Group LLC; Approved 11-0 and

2. To recommend to the State Liquor Authority that the Authority deny the license application of the 200 Water Group LLC for 25 North Moore Street. Approve 10 plus one abstention.

The matter must now go before the full Community Board on January 15 for ratification and final approval of the Committee's resolutions. It is
strongly recommended that the community turn out for this meeting to demonstrate its support of the resolutions.

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